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Richard R.

My problems with pain started in late March 2017. I was moving some furniture in my home. I felt this incredible burning sensation in my right shoulder, chest and neck. I had x-rays of my neck on 4/18/17 and the diagnosis was that I had a neck and spine problem.

My primary care doctor sent me to see Jason Garon at Excel Physical Therapy for an aftercare program.

After a few sessions, Jason determined that it was not a neck problem and referred me back to my doctor to request an MRI.  I had the procedure on 5/16/17, and the results showed a massive tear of my rotator cuff and bicep tendon. I later met with a surgeon who wasn’t confident that he could fix it. He prescribed a steroid shot.  I was not happy with the diagnosis and treatment regiment, so I started the process of finding a different surgeon.  After a meeting with Doctor Clerk of Core Physicians we agreed on a surgical repair.  He gave me the confidence needed to proceed with the operation.

The procedure was done on 8/21/17.  Dr. Clerk referred me to Excel P.T. with Jason Garon to start therapy. He said that success was 25 percent the surgery and 75 percent therapy. I started the therapy on 8/24. From the start it was a fantastic experience. He and his staff displayed the type of professionalism that you would hope for. Because of my age and the extent of the injury, I was not overly confident of a full recovery.  Having had numerous surgical procedures (knees) in the past, and dealing with PT for a few years now, I was extremely pleased with my experience with Jason.  I highly recommend Excel PT. I look forward to getting back to golf this year.

I owe this all to Jason, thanks so much for your patience and professionalism.  I would recommend you to anyone needing post-operative follow up care.

Mike L.

In late 2017 I experienced an injury to my right shoulder.  A visit to the doctor’s office and a subsequent x-ray revealed calcific tendonitis.  This was a pretty painful injury to a point that it was difficult to pick up a full coffee cup.  Sleeping on my right side was absolutely impossible so my sleep was being affected as well.  My gym workouts went from three times per week to one day and that too was quite painful.

My doctor recommended several weeks of physical therapy so I followed his instructions and scheduled my time at Excel Physical Therapy in Raymond New Hampshire.  Twice a week for a few weeks and I simply could not believe the difference.  The folks at Excel PT were very good to work with and I actually looked forward to going because they made it an enjoyable experience.

The end result was a full recovery like it never even happened.  I am back to the gym full time without a hint of the injury and I have no physical limitations at all.  This is my first time going to physical therapy in my 66 years and I am simply floored with the results.  Owner, Jason Garon was a pleasure to work with and the man has a keen grasp of his craft.  I was skeptical going in but they made me a true believer.

Thank you for everything you did to get this old man back on track.  I strongly recommend the folks at Excel Physical Therapy.  They do a great job in a very clean, well-run facility.


Over the course of my 26+ Year Professional Career in the Office Environment of staring at a Computer Screen(s), I have been the victim of not only Deteriorating Eye Sight, but also Chronic Headaches.  Of late, the frequent headaches have become a significant problem in my reliably getting into the office on a weekly basis.  I found myself calling in and taking off Personal Time; much to the detriment of my Programmatic Milestone Deliverables.  In time, I was certain that the company would have relieved me of my employment.

Over the course of the years, I have tried everything: from Over-The-Counter Medicines, Prescription Medicines, Massage Parlors, Neurologists, and many a Head Scan; none of which was able to help me with my issue.

Enter the referral from my Primary Care Physician – which introduces me to Excel Physical Therapy and its owner Jason.  On the 1st visit, he quickly assessed that my limited neck rotation and lackluster posture where the result of weak muscles in the neck.  After just a few short visits, he rapidly brought my two per week headaches down to an awe inspiring zero!  Through the course of my therapy sessions, he took the time to teach me what I was doing wrong, and what he was doing to rectify things.  The incredible part was being told by my boss at work how it was noticeable that my callouts had stopped.  I wholeheartedly believe that Jason and Excel PT saved my job.

I cannot thank Jason and Excel PT enough for helping me to understand the Root Cause of my problem.  The options remaining were running thin, and in reality – I had wasted many years and thousands of dollars chasing a ghost…..that Excel PT found within an hour.  Thank You Jason and the entire Excel PT Staff for your wisdom, help, and courteous attitudes.


A few years ago I started to develop back issues. Mostly age-related but also due to my height and other recurring physical ailments. At age 70 I experienced numerous aches and pains which are associated with age and arthritis. I had surgery on both my ankle and hip along with cortisone shots in the hip resulting in varying degrees of success.

Developing low back pain can be debilitating. Sometimes just getting out of bed can take an effort. After two different diagnoses, a MRI, and additional cortisone shots I arrived at Excel Physical Therapy. I didn’t hold much hope for any appreciable improvement but I was wrong.

The staff at Excel Physical Therapy was gracious, friendly, and caring. Jay, Ashley, and Amber are all very professional. They have taught me stretches and exercises that are very helpful in alleviating the pain experienced in my back. The discomfort in my lower back has improved greatly. At my age the need to keep moving is important and the guidance I have received at Excel has helped me to do that. Thank You Excel PT!

Debbie H.

My exercise regime has never been running; however, I have always been able to take long walks for exercise.  My inheritance from my father is osteoarthritis of both knees.  In June of 2018, my knees had just become too painful to even get out to walk in the mornings.  I had had arthroscopes done on both knees over the years as well as steroid injections which did help somewhat for a while before they stopped helping.

My left knee was bone-on-bone and I underwent a total knee replacement in November 2018.  If my doctor had made an error by doing the wrong knee, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference as both knees would eventually need replacement.  It was amazing how I felt when I didn’t have any pain.  I knew at that point that I needed to get my right knee replaced as soon as medically possible so in April of 2019, I had another total knee replacement.

My recovery from these surgeries has been made easier by the care I have received from Excel Physical Therapy.  From hobbling and limping in those first times after surgery to today, I can’t say enough about the staff at Excel.  Their complete knowledge of what I needed to succeed was instrumental in my “graduating” a second time.  Their dedication to their craft is evident from start to finish.  No question went unanswered and as long as I showed up and truly participated in my therapy, progress was made.

I can honestly say that I can now look forward to walking my routes pain-free.

Thank you, Jason and Kelsie and Amber!!

Sharon B.

Several years ago, I had been treated for plantar fasciitis. So I was well aware of the pain that comes from it. I went to my foot doctor and he prescribed exercises and inserts. I also used a brace at night. But then my other foot started with it too. I had a hard time walking on my feet after sitting and sleeping. This is when I decided I can’t keep going like this.

On Facebook I kept seeing an ad for a seminar on treating plantar fasciitis held at Excel PT. I attended the seminar and signed up that night to get an evaluation on my foot. My evaluation was done by Jason Garon, PT. He was very informative and thorough with my evaluation and it was because of him I decided to go to Excel for my therapy. I then started working with Kelsey Hopper, DPT.

Kelsey made me feel at ease right from the start. She is very personable and easy to talk to. She always explained what she was doing and why it would help my problem.

I am very pleased with my decision to use Excel for my PT, even if I had to drive a little further. The personal care you get is great.

Soon my left foot improved, while my right one plateaued. With this being a concern, Kelsey told me about another option we could try, dry needling. She was very honest about the process and what to expect. The dry needling helped and now I walk without foot pain.

I would recommend Excel PT to my family and friends. I have had a wonderful experience and will/have returned for my other PT issues.


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